Quiet hotel in a tropical garden
The finest hotel near Alona Beach
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The finest hotel near Alona Beach

Panglao Island, Philippines

Panglao is a wonderful place.
Save your golden memories.

Preserve the memories of the Alona Green House Hotel on Panglao Island, where the southern charm, magnificent scenery and quiet setting are an example of the gentle atmosphere of a secluded beach resort on this tropical island.
Remember the underwater inhabitants of this wonderful coast, impressions from excursions in the chocolate hills and from dizzying flights over the gorge.

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What Others Say


“Pretty good location close to Alona beach. Simple but clean accommodation. The owner is a very pleasant, friendly, sociable person with a lot of life experience and a lot of interesting stories to tell. Do not miss the cuisine: be sure to try their tuna and marlin steaks, shrimps marinated in orange sauce, delicious scallops and dumplings!”


“Very friendly staff / hotel owner. Comfortable bed, great air conditioning, spacious bathroom and a well-working water pressure. The location is good, but more than 10 minutes walk to the beach, which is completely normal. Near the hotel you can rent a motorbike and explore Panglao and Bohol.”


“The bed was comfortable, there was warm water in the shower (this was not always the case in the Philippines), the staff were friendly and helpful.
The walk was a little further from the main street, but still not so bad.”